Anton Heyboer Exhibition

With fellow Barbare ‘dEsprit Bert van Santen today we went to the Anton Heyboer Exhibition in Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. After Heyboer, no room left for other art. Full and saturated. Very good work. Original and Shamanic of Nature. Loaded and loving. He makes great statements in the wordless. Considering that these works from around 1958 and the first period arose before anyone of the war generation had opened this metaphorical way of working in archaic images. Then the realisation of complete uniqueness reappears. Very much enjoyed and especially charged again to continue in our own isolation. This is it, it must be gone. Bought the catalogue and some postcards. Decided to add Heyboer with Hugo Claus, Jiro Inagaki and Lucebert in my graphic workshop. The Exhibition of Anton Heyboer at The Hague today. Great artist! Recommended!

Photo: Anton Heyboer