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Reisspiegel 2014


 “Making art is disconnecting yourself from all conventions and certainties and going all in for the only important thing”

The paintings of Ad Arma are impressive art objects that move, wonder and take the enthusiast into a world where everything is one. Painted with oil paint appearing robust and powerful yet at the same time refined and vulnerable.

Ad Arma  finds the inspiration for his paintings in his travels. The serenity of Spitbergen is a stark contrast to the joyful liveliness of India. Music and the infinity of space and time also form a creative source of nutrition for Ad Arma. Let yourself be guided on a journey, where the possibilities are borderless!

Ad Arma has made endless works over the years and creates new work every day. We show a selection from his paintings.

Price indication Oil paint
from 20 cm x 20 cm to 160 cm x 190 cm
prices from € 375.00 to € 7,500.00