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Anton Heyboer Exhibition

With fellow Barbare ‘dEsprit Bert van Santen today we went to the Anton Heyboer Exhibition in Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. After Heyboer, no room left for other art. Full and saturated. Very good work. Original and Shamanic of Nature. Loaded and loving. He makes great statements in the wordless. Considering that […]

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Robert Fortgens

Robbert Fortgens is an exceptional case to me. I love the work, but cannot really explain why. Maybe that’s the why? Geplaatst door Project 2.0 / Gallery op Donderdag 17 augustus 2017    

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My new website!

Welcome to my new website and thanks for your interest in my work. This new website was realised thanks to the marketing cooperative THE NEXT BRAND, an initiative of my daughter Nika Meerman. The new website was built in collaboration with Tom van Leeuwen from Square Concepts. The text has […]

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